Solutions for Timer

Offering timing services you surely know that the highest precision and quality of measurement count the most at your work. Therefore, we have created B4SPORTONLINE to facilitate Timer's work so as to make database management precise and time saving.

Surprise your clients and provide them with a functional form, which guarantees correctness of data collection.
Any changes connected with clients' demands may be introduced without your work being disturbed.
B4SPORTONLINE platform and B4SPORT RESULTS as integrated systems give you a full control over the entire process of timing management.
You can create a completely personalised webpage extended with news, menu tabs and social media plugins for each client.
Assign chips to competitors before the competition at platform or in the competition office, then upload CSV file in a jiffy to the result system.
Investing in your own system is not required – offer B4SPORTONLINE platform your clients and make profit.

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